Begin your forever with a smile to remember

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life. At Dr. Rez Dental, we believe your smile should be as stunning as your celebration. With our bespoke cosmetic dental services, including composite bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, and teeth straightening, we're here to ensure your smile shines brightly on your big day.

  • Timely treatments for fast approaching celebrations

  • Tailored smile makeovers for your big day

Book your free wedding smile consultation

Your initial consultation is free of charge and will be either over the phone, video call, or at the practice with our treatment coordinator.

Why say "I do" to a new smile?

A beautiful smile not only enhances your appearance but significantly boosts your confidence.

Imagine walking down the aisle, greeting your guests, and capturing timeless photos, all with a radiant smile that reflects your inner joy and confidence.

Our smile makeover services are designed not just to perfect your smile, but to elevate your self-esteem on your most special day.

Design your wedding smile

Our award-winning team at Dr. Rez Dental is passionate about creating smiles that can last a lifetime.

Whether your wedding is just around the corner or you have time to plan, we offer treatments that make an immediate impact, as well as comprehensive makeovers. The treatments we offer for your wedding smile makeover are:

    Benefits of your wedding day smile makeover

    Elevate your confidence

    Step into your new beginning with unshakable confidence, knowing your smile is at its brightest and best.

    Unforgettable first impressions

    Leave a lasting impression on your guests and partner with a dazzling smile that speaks volumes before you even say "I do."

    Picture-perfect moments

    Ensure every photo captures the joy and beauty of your special day with a radiant, photogenic smile.

    Celebrate comfortably

    Enjoy every moment without worrying about your smile, from saying your vows to enjoying your first meal as a married couple.

    A timeless gift to yourself

    Your wedding smile makeover is more than just for a day—it's an investment in your happiness and confidence for years to come.

    I have wanted to do my teeth for so many years now, just never got around to doing it and I was recommended Dr Rez dental by family. The treatment I chose was composite bonding. I was seen by Anthony Lee and I explained to him what I was trying to achieve. He listened to every little detail I mentioned and gave me the smile makeover I have always dreamt of. I was working towards a certain time frame and he made sure everything was done in time.

    Mariyah Khan

    Flexible financing for your dream smile

    We understand that weddings involve significant financial planning. That's why we offer flexible 0% interest payment plans to help you manage the costs without compromising on your dream smile.

    Plus, with our free consultations, you can explore your options with no financial commitment.

    Comprehensive smile solutions

    At Dr. Rez Dental, we understand that each smile is as unique as the individual behind it.

    While our extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments is at the forefront of transforming smiles for weddings, we recognise that achieving your dream smile might also require attention beyond cosmetic enhancements. This is where our expertise extends to restorative and general dentistry.

    Whether it's ensuring your dental health is at its peak with a hygiene appointment or addressing specific concerns that go beyond aesthetics, we're here to devise a custom plan that aligns with your smile goals. Among our offerings is the AIRFLOW hygiene clean – a cutting-edge solution that excels in removing stains and revealing a brighter, more radiant smile, perfect for your big day.

    Your wedding smile questions answered

    • What options do I have if my wedding is just a few months away?

      Don't worry if time is tight! For immediate enhancements, we recommend composite bonding or professional teeth whitening. These treatments can dramatically improve your smile in little time, ensuring you're ready for your big day.

    • How can I ensure my smile makeover lasts beyond my wedding day?

      Our treatments are designed for longevity. We'll provide you with aftercare instructions and tips on maintaining your dazzling smile long after the wedding festivities have concluded. Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene will keep your smile shining for years to come.

    • What if I have dental anxiety but still want a smile makeover?

      Understanding and overcoming dental anxiety is a priority for us. Our team is 'Dental Phobia Certified' and highly trained in techniques designed to ease anxieties. We strive to create a supportive, empathetic environment, ensuring your journey towards a dream wedding smile is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Your comfort and peace of mind are paramount to us, and we're committed to accommodating your needs throughout the process.

    • Is it possible to preview my smile makeover results before starting treatment?

      For many cosmetic treatments, such as Invisalign, we can provide a digital preview of what your smile could look like after your makeover. While this option isn't available for every treatment, it's an invaluable tool for treatments where it is applicable, allowing you to visualise the potential outcomes and proceed with confidence in your decision-making process. Book your free consultation today to discuss how we can achieve a confident wedding smile.

    Affordable private dental care at Dr Rez

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    Ready to transform your smile for your big day?

    Book your free consultation today and let us help you achieve the wedding smile of your dreams. With Dr. Rez Dental, your perfect smile is just a consultation away.