Teeth in a day - is this an option for me and how does it work at DrRez Dental?

Welcome to my blog where we will be discussing "teeth in a day" and if it is an option for you at DrRez dental. Teeth in a day is a revolutionary dental implant technique that allows patients to receive a full set of functional and beautiful teeth in just one day. This technique is also known as "all-on-4" or "teeth in a single day".

Teeth in a day is an excellent option for those who are looking to replace a full arch of missing teeth or failing dentition with dental implants. It is a minimally invasive and efficient procedure that eliminates the need for multiple surgeries and appointments. Patients can walk out of the dental office with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile the same day.

The procedure works by utilizing four dental implants, which are placed strategically in the jawbone. These implants are made of titanium or zirconia, which is a strong and durable material that is biocompatible with the human body. Once the implants are placed, a temporary prosthesis or set of teeth is attached to them immediately.

At DrRez dental, we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure precise placement of the dental implants. Our team of skilled and experienced implant dentists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and goals. We will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your medical history, lifestyle, and budget to determine if teeth in a day is the best option for you.

Teeth in a day is an option for most patients who are in good general health and have sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants. Our team will evaluate your bone density and oral health to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. If you do not have enough jawbone density, bone grafting may be required before the implants can be placed.

In conclusion, teeth in a day is an excellent option for those who are looking for a minimally invasive and efficient solution to tooth loss. At DrRez dental, we offer this procedure to our patients using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and we work closely with each patient to create a customized treatment plan. If you are interested in teeth in a day, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options and see if this procedure is right for you.

Been a Dr. Rez patient for around 4 years now. From initially needing a lot of work done to now just regular check ups and cleaning. I can confidently say it's been one of my best decisions. From being a very nervous patient to now quite enjoying my appointment (relatively anyway ha). Currently my therapist is Lilly, very ably assisted by Mel and they couldn't be more encouraging, thoughtful and nice. I get great advice and couldn't feel better looked after. Couldn't recommend more.