What To Look For In Your Dental Practice

When seeking dental surgery or even a simple routine check up, scouting out a surgery with the facilities and services you require is of utmost importance. Be it an urgent medical issue or all-in-one family consultation, there are all manner of important considerations. Hygiene and convenience should be high up on anyone’s list, while the other factors will largely depend on the service you’re seeking specifically. Read ahead and let Dr Rez take you through some of the most significant qualities of a prominent local dental practice!

Varied Dental Treatment Options

Dental practices don’t exist solely for routine procedures and check ups, with many patients seeking specialist treatment types, unique cosmetic offerings and often even emergency operations. Below are a selection of the most frequently requested features and services, all of which are available within our convenient Liverpool location.

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental implant is the ideal solution. The most natural-looking tooth replacement can be supported by a dental implant, which is not only likely to significantly enhance your confidence and appearance of smile, but also your ability to eat painlessly. We provide a variety of implant options at Dr. Rez, including the hugely popular All-On-4 procedure. A full row of functional replacement teeth can be placed on just four dental implants using the All-On-4 dental implant technique, which can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are probably a good option to replace your missing teeth if you are in generally good health, but bad habits like heavy drinking and smoking can slow down the initial healing process. Liable to harm the gum and bone around each implant, you’ll ideally want to steer clear of these habits directly after any procedure. The initial consultation is the most crucial visit, during which Dr. Rez will ask you a number of questions about your prior dental and medical histories. This will aid in determining whether dental implants are your best option.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of procedures to help you achieve the perfect smile, including veneers, composite bonding, teeth whitening, and full smile makeovers. Dental work that is clinically required for you to maintain your oral health is covered by the NHS - whereas only privately arranged treatment is available to enhance your smile for cosmetic reasons.

A smile makeover aims to significantly enhance the appearance of your teeth by combining a variety of dental treatments and procedures. We'll develop a personalised treatment plan for you after a thorough examination and discussion of your needs. Teeth whitening for example is one of our most popular services, though at Dr. Rez Dental, we provide a variety of treatments. Without removing any of the tooth surface, tooth whitening can be a very effective way to lighten the natural colour of your teeth.

General Dentistry

Although we are proud of our cutting-edge procedures, we also place a high value on routine general dentistry care. General dentistry is focused on preventing dental issues, with dental hygiene services that solve issues before they become painful. Accounting for our selection of Dental Membership Plans, you can spread the cost and pay monthly for routine check-ups and hygiene appointments, promising affordable family dentistry.

Numerous thorough general dentistry services and oral health treatments are available to members and new clients, including but not restricted to regular checkups and exams, X-rays, digital scans, natural (white composite) fillings, amalgam replacement, crowns and bridges, dentures, extractions, and tooth fillings.


Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry that aims to align the jaws and straighten teeth to create a better bite and a beautiful smile. In the past, children made up the majority of orthodontic patients, but these days, more adults are seeking the ideal smile. Teeth that are crooked frequently do not fit together properly, are more difficult to keep clean, and are more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. These functional issues can occasionally cause headaches and jaw pain too.

Correctly positioned teeth make eating and chewing easier, are simpler to clean, and can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to fully enjoy life. The popularity of orthodontic treatment has never been greater in fact - thanks to ongoing technological advancements. To get the smile you've always wanted, Dr. Rez Dental offers traditional FASTBRACES® braces as well as the more covert Invisalign® and SureSmile clear aligners.

Dental Hygiene

Regular hygiene appointments will minimise the possibility of tooth loss, as well as the likelihood of developing tooth decay and needing fillings. At Dr. Rez Dental, our dental hygiene service is dedicated to preserving the health of your teeth and gums. We emphasise prevention and will motivate you with personalised oral hygiene advice at each appointment to help you maintain your oral health, prevent dental decay, bad breath, and tooth loss.

The main factor in ensuring that you keep your teeth for life is gum health. We at Dr. Rez are passionate about assisting you in establishing and maintaining a healthy, happy smile. We are eager to have you visit our dental office. Book a new patient assessment with us right away if you'd like to take the first step towards having the best smile of your life!

Customer Reputation

An established dental practice should proudly display case studies, testimonials, and recommendations - as if you're going to entrust your oral health to a dentist, you should be able to see evidence that they are skilled and effective. Of course, asking around is a great way to find a reputable dentist too, so why not request references and recommendations from friends and family? The best dentists treat every patient with respect and work hard to provide the best care at every appointment.

Location And Accessibility

There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere and not feeling welcome. Open to helping patients of all ages and backgrounds, we’re the accessible dentist for you. Fully aware that a dental emergency can occur at any time, and anyone can suffer from issues with their teeth, don’t hesitate to book with us in 2023. A city centre location is often ideal in terms of public transport links, convenience of access and proximity to attractions and sites of prominence. At Dr Rez, we’re based directly in the centre of the city - with easy access via bus, train or car. Our practice is relaxing and comfortable too, so if you’re inside and waiting for an appointment, we’re sure to put you at ease. Find us on Dale Street!


Not everyone is blessed with a masterful knowledge of dentistry, and our extensively trained specialists will direct you on your treatment journey. Explaining matters in the simplest of terms, you’re sure to find the way we translate complex information both convenient and reassuring! At Dr Rez, we all share the common goal of putting our patients first, making each visit a fun and enjoyable experience - regardless of the conditions. Ask around and you’ll discover that our employees genuinely enjoy working here, which really reflects in the atmosphere day to day.

Dr Rez: Teeth Alignment, Teeth Whitening And More

If you would like to take the first step towards your best ever smile, book a new patient assessment with us today. We will then provide advice on dental treatment plans and offer you general dentistry or dental hygiene services dependent on your individual needs. In excellent company alongside the UK’s brightest and best doctors and practitioners, we frequently receive positive reviews - describing us as helpful, friendly and professional. One of the best dentists in Liverpool, Contact our dental hygienists today to arrange an appointment and benefit from our premium services. We can’t wait to welcome you to our dental practice!

Been a Dr. Rez patient for around 4 years now. From initially needing a lot of work done to now just regular check ups and cleaning. I can confidently say it's been one of my best decisions. From being a very nervous patient to now quite enjoying my appointment (relatively anyway ha). Currently my therapist is Lilly, very ably assisted by Mel and they couldn't be more encouraging, thoughtful and nice. I get great advice and couldn't feel better looked after. Couldn't recommend more.