Chloe Morris

Dental Nurse

Chloe works alongside our dentists and hygienists here in Liverpool to assist the care of patients in a calming and professional manner. She’s responsible for ensuring the clinical area is clean and that all instruments are sterile - a crucial part of the job.

Chloe understands what it’s like to wear orthodontic braces and it was the amazing feeling of being met with her new smile when her own were removed that inspired her career choice. She was so happy with the results that she wanted to be part of that experience for others.

Chloe has been a dental nurse for 19 years, joining the profession straight from school and studying at LUDH, before working at Rodney Street for 16 years. It was from there that she made the move to Dr Rez Dental. She is currently studying  a level 3 Diploma in Management.

Fun fact: Chloe has two children - two of her proudest achievements aside from joining Dr Rez Dental!

Dr Rez and the staff did everything that they could to make the treatment go smoothly. The environment is designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you.

Chris Herbert

Chloe Morris

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