Lauren Toms

Practice & Communications Manager

Lauren is responsible for a number of key Practice management roles. She directly manages the front of house team at Dr Rez Dental, ensuring the patient journey is smooth and enjoyable.

Loving to speak to people, Lauren always wanted a job where she could meet people from different walks of life all day every day. She began her career as an Apprentice Dental Nurse in the south of Ireland in January 2018 and completed her Diploma in Dental Nursing at University College Cork in 2021.

Meeting so many wonderful patients, seeing them regain their confidence and being part of their journey to a great smile are career highlights for Lauren.

Fun fact:  When she was 11 she chose her confirmation name, Nicola, after her favourite Jonas brother - Nick!

Dr Rez and the staff did everything that they could to make the treatment go smoothly. The environment is designed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Thank you.

Chris Herbert

Lauren Toms

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